Just a bunch of pansies

For my history class, we had to make a family tree (which is a rather difficult thing when your parents have zero memory and you have no living grandparents), but nonetheless, it was a good opportunity to break out the good old Grumbachers once more. Here’s some bits and pieces of it, as posting my entire family genealogy on the world wide web seems a bit less than wise.


4 Comments to “Just a bunch of pansies”

  1. LB- it’s absolutely beautiful! I love the colors you used. Can’t wait to see it in person. Please don’t throw it out……. BTW- I was born in 1974 & Holly, 1972. :)We are REALLLY old!!!!

  2. Lauren you are the most talented person and I am not exaggerating.

    You have me and Cheryl addicted to your blog….
    Keep posting things frequently!

  3. WHAT?!
    A) this is beautiful!
    B) I WASN’T BORN IN 1977!!! You’re making me older than necessary! I was born in 78. Come on!

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