Powdering my nose just got fancier.

In the fourth grade, I made a friend named Hannah. It’s been eight years since fourth grade, and she’s still my best, truest, friendliest friend. For Christmas, I received from her a little compact (which has gotten a lot of use out of it thus far, as my usual choices of lipstick colors are the most high maintenance ones). But this weekend, I decided to jazz it up. Let’s do this the good old acne commercial way- before and after.


I decided that since the compact itself was from Hannah, I would use one of her marvelous pictures that she had taken. She took this heartstring tugger at one of my most favorite places whilst she stayed with me in New York last summer, so I sanded that puppy down and broke out the Mod Podge, as well as the teensy peacock feathers I just purchased off of ebay. Now, for the After, Part 1.

I didn’t want to leave the bottom part plain black, so I searched for another picture. I decided I would pick one from the state of New York, in keeping with the theme on the front. Besides, everyone knows a compact should be… personal? Well, okay, maybe not. But who says it shouldn’t be? So I picked a photo I had taken at the Eden Corn Fest- the most perfectly, wonderfully quaint event I had ever attended. I was introduced to the wonderland of Corn Fest by another dear friend of mine, Michael.

After, Pt. 2

I’m not one for a ton of glitter, but I thought it added a little something extra.

After, Pt 3.


One Comment to “Powdering my nose just got fancier.”

  1. sooo cute! will you make me one! please!

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