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March 2, 2011

LB Yours.

The thing is, all men are walking around with promises of love and betterment taped to their lips. The trick is not to figure out what they are promising, but to figure out which ones are lying. Maybe it’s even just to figure out which ones are lying the least (and/or which ones have the least intimidating ex-girlfriends). Either way, romantic relationships are nothing more than a million little problems that you tape together, clumsy-fingered and hopeful, in desperate attempt to make something worth your while. Every relationship is a problem. For instance, a relationship that starts out beautifully with cutesy little notes, constant communication, and a daily dedication to see each other no matter how small a time period, is really only ammunition for when the relationship gets bori- *ahem* older and leaves one party (or both parties) wondering why (significant other) doesn’t (some sort of gushy/cute something) anymore/as much as they used to. That’s the thing. Even positive things in a relationship will somehow find a way to work against you. But that’s okay. Because you still have tape, and you are still creating something wonderful.

Tape together fights with fingers laced up in each other’s,

scares with a smooch on the noggin,

doldrums with a dance,

and always play fair (don’t forget you’re on the same team)


because he’s a problem worth solving.


(thank you to for the precious pictures)